Better Sex Drive & How to Order Yours

Melatonin is ….

One of the most potent antioxidants yet discovered.

An individual’s immune booster.

A Powerful cancer fighter.

A heart helper

Potential AIDS therapy

Mood elevator.

Comes alive at night and shrinks in the light.

Secreted by the pineal gland, a small organ set behind and between the eyes, often referred as the third eye (seeing more deeply and truly than the other two)

The Pineal Gland is the timekeeper of the brain, helping to govern our circadian or twenty-four hour daily rhythms, such as the sleep-wake cycle, as well as seasonal rhythms in animals such as migration, mating and hibernation.

Italian Dr Walter Pierpaoli, Ph D and Russian scientist Vladimir Lesnikov transplanted the Pineal gland from old mice into a young mice resulting in the mice displaying multiple signs of aging. Slow, lackadaisical movements and disinterest. They then transferred the Pineal Gland of young mice into old mice and in a short period of time noticed their hair became glossy again, their actions were youthful and they became very active and playful. Dr Pierpaoli and other colleagues also extended the life span of mice by as much as 25 percent through melatonin supplementation. The rejuvenation of the mice also extended to their sexual functions, interest, vigor and actually repairing their sexual organs to that of younger animals.



One Response to Better Sex Drive & How to Order Yours

  1. Great Blog! So informative. Will keep reading and following your Melacinn advice.


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