About the Founder – A Sleep Expert

Hi, I’m Bob (Robert) Person. Originally from Buffalo, NY, I moved to the Tidewater Virginia area several decades ago. My professional background includes being a Computer System Engineer in the Air Force, Systems Analyst for large scale computer firm and VP of a Cargo Handler firm. I opened several businesses in the Tidewater Area requiring extensive research in product development.

I have been involved in the medical industry since 2001. This required interviewing and hiring nurses with necessary qualifications to meet the needs of a large variety of patients. Many patients suffered from dementia and other memory illnesses.

After extensive research on how to combat or prevent the onset of these terrible diseases, I determined supplementing the loss of melatonin as you age over 55 years is the best prevention method.

The last fourteen years I have religiously taken melatonin combined with other health oriented ingredients. It has proved very successful in keeping my health, energy, and memory at the same level as when I began.

Recently, I opened Person’l Health Systems and manufactured the resulting combination of ingredients designed to strengthen the immune system for people over 55 and extend a healthy, vigorous life for them.


This is your invitation to longevity!



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