What is YOUR 5-POINT PLAN for your senior years? (past 50 years young)

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There are 5 CONSIDERATIONS for you to have a happy, HEALTHY, safe and wealthy life past 50. Cross check your knowledge and outline against these:

  1. Have a plan! Don’t go wildly into that “retirement life” and think everybody, including the government and some healthcare plan are going to be your safety net. Be your own safety net. Gather valuable resources now, like websites you can trust for natural remedies and organic food.
  1. Know the difference between QUALITY supplements! The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and even protein supplements, say for vegans or vegetarians MUST be quality and organic. The kind for sale in major grocery stores and big name pharmacies are usually weak and even contain toxins listed as “other ingredients” like talc, mineral oil, and food dyes. Find quality supplements here:


  1. Understand that most allergies, skin problems, inflammation, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, heart disease and Parkinson’s are preventable! Don’t believe all the doctors who convince you that you have bad genes and need pharmaceutical medications to live a long, happy healthy life. You need organic food and spring water! Follow the Natural News Tracker and keep with all the current trends and changes with nutrition, herbal cures, supplements, and Superfoods for longevity!


  1. Learn the main foods to filter from your daily life that cause cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. I have researched these thoroughly. Remember, inflammation and digestive issues are only the beginning of cell disorder. You can stop it when you STOP ingesting chemicals posing as food!

Gluten: most gluten contains pesticide and sticks in your gut for days on end. Avoid gluten whenever possible.

Tap Water: most tap water contains fluoride which is a drug and insecticide. Make no mistake, it’s NOT good for your teeth and leads to lower IQ and brittle bones. Don’t ever drink from the tap. Get a good water filter or buy spring water.

MSG and Aspartame: MSG is a concentrated salt that leads to migraine headaches and central nervous disorders. Aspartame is the most dangerous artificial sweetener known to mankind. Aspartame can stay in your brain for years and taken on an empty stomach can cause seizures. Most diet foods and protein shake mixes contain this dangerous chemical.

GMO: genetically modified organisms is just a fancy way of saying that the biotechnology/agricultural industry has scientists inserting the genes that make insecticide, herbicide (weed killer), and fungicide (fungus killer) into vegetables, fruit, soy, corn, alfalfa, and sugar beets. If you eat pesticide, you are heading towards major health catastrophe, including cancer and Alzheimer’s.

  1. Learn the 70% Raw Rule: 70% of the food you eat should be organic raw fruits and organic raw vegetables. Once you accomplish this and get used to eat, all of your health problems will quickly dissipate and you will have energy, vitality, and an alkalized body pH that protects you from disease and cell disorder. Of course, spring water is a big part of this plan. And don’t worry about sugar in fruit because it’s tied to the pectin which is easy and natural for your body to process. Look up great creative recipes for keeping these foods colorful, delicious and part of your daily routine!

Click here and learn today: http://www.rawfullytempting.com/

This has been a public service message. Live long and prosper. http://www.naturalnews.com/034666_longevity_aging_prevention.html


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