What are the SIDE EFFECTS of the new anti-viral MEDICATIONS doctors will dish out this year since CDC says flu vaccine doesn’t work?

kid cart germs

160 million flu shots on the shelves right now. 300 million Americans total. What a scam. One dozen deaths in Italy recently from flu shots. Italy issued emergency notice NOT to take flu vaccine. America is NOT doing that. Who knows. How many people know right now that the flu vaccine doesn’t work and that 12 or more people died in Italy from it?

Answer the question. How many?

Do 300,000,000 know? What about babies, pregnant women and elderly folk, do they know? Is it on CNN?

The Health Ranger already tested these flu shots in the lab less than a year ago. You better pay attention to the scientists and journalists that CARE about your well-being. Listen up. This is vital to your health to know this:

Mike Adams personally conducted the ICP-MS heavy metals analysis of these flu vaccines and has the raw count data to prove it. Mercury particle counts at atomic masses 200, 201 and 202 were through the roof on these laboratory tests. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047890_flu_vaccines_CDC_apology_medical_fraud.html#ixzz3L1uJSQc3


So what will the list of side effects include for the new flu meds? And will your name, if you take them, be on a fed list that keeps record of those on certain medications who will not be allowed to own a weapon? Are you in your right mind? Do side effects include catching a different virus? What’s in the flu medications that’s antiviral and synthetic or genetically modified? Will you be attacked by the combined new virus? What pathogens are included in this prescription. Only the CDC knows that answer and you won’t find out in court if you or one of your loved ones is six feet under within 48 hours, like the flu vaccine results in Italy. A dozen people removed from life because they got jabbed with that FLU vaccine. Maybe they should just go buy some garlic, oregano oil, and some chaga and reishi mushroom supplements!

mike in lab


Since you can’t say anything is anti-viral without being sued by the FTC and FDA, we won’t say a word here, we’ll just give all the health enthusiasts of the world a link or two!


Learn from the sleep expert the power of Melatonin:




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