Over 55 and don’t know about the power of melatonin? It’s Melacinn time for you!

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Millions of Americans are hooked on junk food and drink “bad” water. Maybe right away you think you are not one of these people, but let me tell you how you are. Do you eat gluten every day? Most gluten is “junk science” made – meaning it’s full of convenience preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. Most pizza, bread, buns, rolls, wraps, cereal, crackers, chips, pastry, donuts, muffins, bagels, cakes, and pasta are loaded. This means YOU are stopping yourself up with toxins that can’t “exit” your system in 24 hours. In turn, your overall health pays a great toll, and one that most doctors cannot even pinpoint or fix with medicine, of ANY kind.

This GLUTEN addiction is real, and people lose sleep and gain weight, and they are sick more often and run down, feeling either depressed, stressed or over anxious, worried about things they shouldn’t worry about and NOT fixing things they could easily fix. Am I hitting home yet?

Everyone is gluten intolerant, it’s just to what degree. So then if you are over 55 years of age, you may be experiencing a decrease in your natural production of melatonin, and this means lest restful, deep sleep for you and faster aging. Now, pile on top of that some junk-food science addiction, and I’m not just talking about gluten here. Gluten is just one example. I can list other major food addictions and mineral negligence.

Check out Natural News Tracker for more on fixing YOUR natural food regimen:


Now let’s talk about your water. Do you drink tap water regularly? Tap water is used for sodas, tea, coffee, drinks made with drink mixes, at restaurants, water fountains, and MOST bottled water. Oops, the cat is out of the bag! Did you know there’s toxic fluoride, chlorine, pesticides and people’s medications in that water. It’s true. You can be fostering your own depression, anxiety, ill health and poor sleep just by drinking the wrong water.

Check into a high quality water filtration system for your home: http://www.naturalnews.com/1-water-filters-lab-test-results-heavy-metals-radioactive-isotopes.html

So now, how does all this tie in to ideal health? It’s called longevity. Get in gear for the long haul, your long healthy, happy life that keeps going and going strong. Join me in this quest for ideal health and learn about melatonin, a sleep aid you might really need help getting the highest quality – and the right combination- that has Chinese herbal cinnamon all in ONE!


Here’s the beginning of the rest of your youthful years on Earth, fueling positive thoughts, feelings, and balance. Check out MelaCinn and feel the difference immediately. Start thinking clearer and even prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s!



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