THE REAL FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH – The Melacinn Solution!

Youth  = It is foolish to indicate there may be a pill or method which stops or reverses the aging process. MELACINN’S objective is to dramatically slow the aging process by keeping your health level as it is (or for most probably better than it is) for the next decade of your life.


Basis The human body (especially the brain) produces a hormone which is critical to maintaining a healthy profile. Production is at the peak when you’re very young and then plateaus until mid-life (50 55). Then this hormone’s production begins to fall off at an increasing amount as you age. The aging process (and all its ill effects) increases proportionately at the same rate.

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The MelaCinn Solution – MelaCinn is comprised of a compound of supplements. The largest compound element is the hormone referred in the above ‘basis’. Daily intake of MelaCinn EVERY evening will replenish the loss during the night when this critical hormone is normally produced by the body. Due to all the benefits you gain by taking MelaCinn daily (itemized below), you will see and feel a significant difference in a short period of time (two to six weeks). However, after taking this supplement for the next six months you’ll feel no difference, next year (feel no difference) or next three years you will not feel any difference – WAIT — you’ll then realize that’s the point – YOU STILL FEEL AS YOUNG AS you did when you began this regiment. As the years speed by you become more and more aware that you still feel (and look) much younger than your friends and associates in the same age bracket. Also you enjoy the increase of comments by your peers wondering what are you doing or stating how lucky you are to be as healthy as you are.

You will be so thankful that you indeed found ‘THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH’

Benefits and Reasons : (Supporting studies available on Website)

High Immune Level – MelaCinn provides an extreme amount of antioxidents

Increased Energy

Increased Memory

Increased Testosterone & Libido

Better sleep ability

Weight Control/Loss

Combats Obesity

Serves as anti-depressant

Aids Type1 & 2 Diabetics

Combats Cancer

Combats Alzheimer Disease

Combats Parkinson Disease

Delays Lou Gehrig Disease Symptoms

Significantly improves Cholesterol Levels

Effective Scavenger of Free Radicals



To slow down the dreaded effects of aging, feel energetic, enjoy continuous good health, retain the related appearance of ‘being young for his/her age’ and enjoying life as the clock continues to tick take your MelaCinn every evening. (every evening). Your internal ‘aging’ clock will slow down dramatically.

Also be aware of what you eat, the amount of what you eat and drink and include at least some exercise every week (walk, golf, dance or ideally a 5 minute light weight routine daily) It is a well known fact that you should keep your ‘upper body’ strength up.

But most important – – take your MelaCinn every day !!!


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